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Education in the Name of Christ


Providing faithful, rigorous, and affordable theological education in the Protestant Reformed tradition at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

We are on a mission to provide faithful theological education at a truly affordable cost. 

For many in Christian Ministry, they simply don't have the funds or resources to afford a degree from a seminary today without incurring a significant amount of debt. Yet, theological education is vastly important as we need faithful ministers who are well equipped with the exegetical and practical tools needed for ministry. 

We wanted to find a solution. 

Rooted in the Protestant Reformed tradition, our undergraduate and graduate programs are only $60/month, while our doctoral program is only $80/month. Courses are asynchronous, allowing our students to receive quality theological education according to their own schedules. Each of our courses are taught by qualified faculty members who are faithful ministers, academics, apologists, biblical counselors, and Christian educators. Our courses do not sacrifice quality or rigor for affordability. 

We want our students to go into ministry, not debt. Come study with us. 

What's New at Forge

Announcing the new M.C.S. program:

The Master of Christian Studies (M.C.S.) program is a 60-credit-hour graduate degree. The program is comprised of 5 core courses and 45 credit hours of electives. Further, students may opt to include a research thesis comprised of 6 credit hours. The M.C.S affords student maximum freedom to shape a program that fits their ministry goals. Male students who demonstrate advanced aptitude through the core courses may gain permission to complete up to three doctoral-level electives, which may transfer into the FTS Doctor of Theology program. 


More than aCademics.

Because we are passionate about providing quality theological education at an affordable cost, all of our faculty members are full-time ministers, educators, and biblical counselors; serving FTS alongside their current ministries. Because we exist for the Church, our faculty members teach at FTS because they long to see more faithful men trained up for gospel ministry for the Glory of God. 

"He that has doctrinal knowledge and speculation only, without affection, never is engaged in the business of religion."

-- Jonathan Edwards

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