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Welcome from FTS President Michael Burgos

There are few things men undertake that are as critical and glorious as theological education. The faculty and leadership of Forge Theological Seminary (FTS) recognize the weight of our mission, to provide rigorous and accessible theological education in the name of Christ.

We also recognize that FTS serves at the pleasure of the people of God. Christ never established a seminary or Bible college and, therefore, we affirm and uphold the supremacy and authority of local churches when it comes to theological education. For that reason, we require our students and faculty to be active members in a local church. We exist for the church.

A quick survey reveals a vast array of options for theological education. Prior to becoming a faculty member at FTS, I faced a dizzying array of schools, programs, and modalities as I contemplated pursuing doctoral education. Why then should one consider FTS? Here are the four reasons that convinced me:

  1. FTS is utterly committed to the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture and the biblical gospel.

  2. FTS represents education in the Reformed tradition and, therefore, we cherish the theological legacy of the Protestant Reformation.

  3. The faculty of FTS are men who uphold the importance of the local church. Many of our faculty are ordained churchmen with many years of pastoral experience.

  4. FTS offers a highly accessible approach to education that emphasizes research, asynchronous learning, academic rigor, and affordability.

May our Lord guide you as you pursue education for His glory and the good of His people.

- Rev. Dr. Michael R. Burgos, PhD

President of Forge Theological Seminary

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