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Costs of Attending Forge Theological Seminary


Associate of Theology and Bachelor of Theology students pay a flat monthly subscription of $60.

$60 per month


Master of Theology students pay a flat monthly subscription of $60. 

$60 per month


Doctor of Theology students pay a flat monthly subscription of $100.

$100 per month

Graduation Fee
Students who have completed all required coursework and have maintained an overall GPA of at least 2.8 are eligible for graduation. There is a one-time graduation fee of $65 for all programs.

Tuition & Fees FAQ

  • Is there an application fee? No, applying to Forge Theological Seminary is completely free. 

  • When do I pay? Students who have already completed the application process are eligible to begin their subscriptions. 

  • How do I pay? Using the links provided above, select your program and initiate your monthly subscription. 

  • Will my tuition increase? We guarantee no tuition increases for students who are presently subscribed to a monthly payment plan. 

  • Is there another method of payment? Because we have sought to keep our tuition costs as affordable as possible, there is no other method of payment. 

  • What if I miss a payment? Students who miss one payment are placed on probationary status for a period of one month. We will attempt to draft your account an additional time to cover the missed payment. Students who miss two payments will be removed from their program until payment is made. Additionally, students who have missed payments will be unable to obtain copies of their transcript until overdue balances are paid in full. 

  • I do not wish to continue in my program. How do I end my subscription? End your subscription through your PayPal account. Contact to end enrollment. 

  • May I pause my program? Programs may be paused only when you are not presently enrolled in a course. Students who are between courses may contact and explain their desire to pause their studies. Cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. Students who wish to withdraw from a course should contact our office via email. 

  • When do I pay my graduation fee? Students who complete the requirements of their program may apply for graduation by contacting Upon approval, you may pay the fee. 

  • Is there a transcript fee? Yes, the fee for an official transcript is $8. 

  • Is there a cost to transfer credit? No, there is no fee associated with credit transfers for students who have an active payment subscription. 

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