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Master of Christian Studies (m.C.S)

Program overview

The Master of Christian Studies (M.C.S.) program is a 60-credit-hour graduate degree. The program is comprised of 5 core courses and 45 credit hours of electives. Further, students may opt to include a research thesis comprised of 6 credit hours. The M.C.S affords student maximum freedom to shape a program that fits their ministry goals. Male students who demonstrate advanced aptitude through the core courses may gain permission to complete up to three doctoral-level electives, which may transfer into the FTS Doctor of Theology program. 

Core Courses
Systematic Theology I-IV

Old Testament Introduction I-IV
New Testament Introduction I-III
New Testament Background
New Testament Exegesis*
Old Testament Exegesis*
Biblical Hermeneutics
Hebrew I-II
Greek I-II
Introduction to Apologetics
Apologetics II
Church History I-II
Christian Ethics
Church Administration* (male students)

Pastoral Ministry I-II* (male students)
Introduction to Expository Preaching (male students)
Introduction to Biblical Counseling
Theology of Biblical Counseling
Advanced Counseling I-IV
Introduction to Christian Philosophy

Christian Political Theory
Theological Research, Writing, & Rhetoric
Luther & Calvin
Introduction to Logic
Graduate Thesis

Doctoral-Level Electives (By Approval Only)
Pastoral Theology 
Biblical Counseling Theory & Method

Marriage & Family
*Indicates courses in development or impending updates

Master of Christian Studies Prerequisites:

  • An undergraduate degree consisting of four years of full-time study (or equivalent)*

  • Membership in a local church

  • General Agreement with FTS' doctrinal stance

*In some cases, students who do not possess an undergraduate degree consisting of four years of full-time study may

 gain admission by exception. Students who desire admission by exception should indicate this on their application. 

Program Costs:

$60 monthly tuition subscription

$65 graduation fee


To Apply:

For Master of Christian Studies, complete an application through our Admissions page and include your unofficial transcripts. 

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