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M.Apol. (Columbia Evangelical Seminary)

Ph.D. (North-West University)


  • A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology in Light of Biblical Trinitarianism, 4th ed. (Potchefstroom, SA: North-West Univ., 2016). 

  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 2nd ed. 

  • "The Preexistence of the Person of the Son," in Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology (Torrington, CT: Church Militant Pub., 2018), 217-52.

  • The Reliability of the New Testament Manuscripts (Winnetka, CA: Dept. of Christian Defense, 2019). 

  • An Introduction to Basic Christian Apologetics: Necessity and Purpose (Forthcoming).

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Apologetics

  • Apologetics II

Edward Dalcour
Academic Dean of Research Studies | Professor of Christian apologetics


Dr. Edward L. Dalcour serves as the Academic Dean of Research Studies, as well as a Professor of Christian Apologetics. Dr. Dalcour is a published author of several apologetic and theological books. He is a prolific speaker, evangelist, apologist, debater, and contributor to various theological journals and Christian organizations.  

Dr. Dalcour is the president and director of the Department of Christian Defense, a Christian educational and apologetic ministry based in Los Angeles, CA. Furthermore, he is the host of the weekly podcast Theology Answers, and author of several works on the topic of apologetics and theology, including A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology: In the light of Biblical Trinitarianism. In addition to serving at FTS, He is Mentor of Theology at Greenwich School of Theology (London, Eng.). He serves as Vice President of Grace Bible University in Bagdad, FL. 

He earned a Master of Apologetics from Columbia Evangelical Seminary and his PhD in Theology from North-West University in South Africa. 

Dr. Dalcour currently resides with his wife and family in Los Angeles, CA holding on-going Christian apologetic and theology classes.

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