ThB Program Key

The Bachelor of Theology is an undergraduate level program which consists of 120 credit hours of study and a total of 43 courses. Students are advised to work on one course at a time. Students must update their academic adviser of their progress once every eight weeks. In order to access courses, students must visit Forge Theological Seminary's moodle page, create a new account, and begin courses in the order listed below unless otherwise instructed by your adviser. 

Scholarly Research/Writing

English Grammar & Syntax

OT Introduction

NT Introduction

Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II


Church History I

Church History II

Contemporary Protestant Theology

Biblical Hermeneutics

Biblical Theology

Genesis 1-11

The Gospel of John


The Epistle of Romans

1 & 2 Corinthians

The Pastoral Epistles


The Johannine Epistles

Introduction to Reformed Theology

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

Apologetics II​

Polemic Theology

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Theology of Biblical Counseling

Theology of Worship

Introduction to Christian Ethics

English Grammar & Syntax

Greek I

Greek II

NT Exegesis

Introduction to Textual Criticism

Hebrew I 

Hebrew II

Introduction to Preaching

Preaching II

Preaching III


Survey of Great Christians

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