Bachelor of Theology

Course Syllabi

The Bachelor of Theology (ThB) is an undergraduate level degree completion program designed for students who have completed the Associate of Theology (ThA) program or who have some college experience. Students who have completed the ThA program must complete the course list below. Students who gain admission with some college experience will be required to complete BIB100 and BIB102 unless these courses have been completed previously at another institution.  Students may opt to complete an undergraduate thesis of no less than sixty double-spaced pages in lieu of four courses (contact your program supervisor for more information). Complete each course as exactly prescribed in the syllabus unless directed otherwise. 

Bibliology (BIB306)

Pneumatology (TH413)

Christology (TH401)

Theology of the Family (TH440)

Biblical Theology (TH301) (6 Credit Hours)

Contemporary Protestant Theology

Greek I (BIB300)

Greek II (BIB301)

NT Exegesis (BIB453)

NT Textual Criticism (BIB442)

Introduction to Biblical Evangelism (TH312)

Hebrews (BIB409)

Galatians (BIB411)

Pastoral Epistles (BIB 420)

Theology of Biblical Counseling (TH388)

History of Biblical Counseling (TH389)

The Life and Ministry of C. H. Spurgeon (CH400)

Capstone Project: A Confession of Faith (CH499) (6 Credit Hours)