ThA Program Key

The Associate of Theology is an undergraduate level program which consists of 60 credit hours of study and a total of 20 courses. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be assigned to a professor who will serve him or her throughout the duration of their program. Immediately following acceptance, students should begin coursework in the order listed below. Students must update their academic adviser of their progress once every eight weeks and must carefully follow and complete the requirements within each syllabus. 

ThA Syallbi:

Scholarly Research/Writing

OT Introduction

NT Introduction

Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II

Church History I

Church History II

Contemporary Protestant Theology

Biblical Hermeneutics

Biblical Theology

Genesis 1-11

The Gospel of John

The Epistle of Romans

The Pastoral Epistles

Introduction to Reformed Theology

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

Polemic Theology

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Theology of Worship

Introduction to Christian Ethics

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