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Faculty Publications

The following list represents the published works of the faculty of Forge Theological Seminary

Dr. Michael Beck

Clark Bates

  • Faith Examined: New Arguments for Persistent Questions. ed. Clark R. Bates (Eugene, OR: 2024).

  • That Nothing May Be Lost: The New Testament Text and its Transmission as Observed in Fragments Papers from the Twelfth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, eds Andrew J. Patton, Clark R. Bates, Emmanuele Scieri, and Jacopo Marcon (Piscataway, NJ: 2022).

  • “Materializing Unity: New Testament Catenae as Vessels for Ecclesial and Imperial Reform.” TC: A Journal for Biblical Textual Criticism. (Forthcoming, 2024)

  • “Greek Manuscripts in Birmingham: A Catalogue.” Byzantine Review, 1 (April 2022), pp. 1–20. doi:10.17879/byzrev-2022-3810.

  • “Stoudios: The Convergence of History, Paleography and Textual Criticism on the Greek
    Minuscule Hand.” Diogenes, 11 (2021), pp. 18–36. ISSN: 2054-6696.

  • “The Paradox of the Easy Yoke: A Survey of Χρηστός in Greek Literature and the
    Interpretational Implications for Matthew 11:30.” The Expository Times, 131(1) (2019), pp.9–19.

Dr. Michael Burgos

Chris Chumita

Dr. Edward Dalcour

Dr. Steven Matthews

Michael Shultz

  • “Move in Silence” in Tennessee Mosaic: Regional Literary Anthology (03/2018).

  • “Jean Jaures: What Could Have Been” in Tennessee Mosaic: Regional Literary Anthology (03/2018).

  • “As For Me and My House: The Death of Jingoism in America” in Tennessee Mosaic: Regional Literary Anthology (03/2018).

  • “Weighted Shoulders” in Tennessee Mosaic: Regional Literary Anthology (03/2018).

  • “A Sleeping Husband’s Thoughts” in The Gallery (04/2018).

  •  “Cadaver” in Aurora (2019).

  • “EKU’s Budget Crisis,” The Eastern Progress (05/2019).

  • "Mit Gott für Köenig und Vaterland" in Archive After Dark: Unleashed Creativity (04/2019).

  •  “A Leisurely Walk Down the Railroad” in The Gallery (04/2018).

  • Watchtower Under Siege: The Swiss Experience of World War I,”  History Matters: Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research 16 (05/2019).

  • The Lost Cause: The State of Franklin and the Constitution,” The Mildred Haun Review: Journal of Appalachian Art, Culture, and Scholarship 5 (2019).

  • The Weakness of Samson, The Strength of Christ,” Servants of Grace (11/2022).

  • Honoring Dishonorable Parents,” Servants of Grace (12/2022).

  • Loving My Spouse by Going the Extra Mile,” Servants of Grace (02/2023).

  •  “Taking Dominion to End Dominion: The Mennonite Influence on the End of Russian Serfdom,” Bound Away: The Liberty Journal of History 6, no. 1 (2023).

Lucas Vieira

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