Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity program is designed to train men for service in pastoral ministry. It is comprised of 93 credits of diverse coursework that will prepare students to serve Christ's church well. 

Course Syllabi

Old Testament Introduction (BIB600)

New Testament Introduction (BIB601)

Biblical Theology (TH605)

Systematic Theology (TH660)


The Doctrine of the Trinity

Introduction to Reformed Theology

Theological Polemics


Introduction to Biblical Counseling (TH636)

Theology of Biblical Counseling (TH637)

Introduction to Pastoral Ministry

Homiletics I

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

Church History I

Church History II


Greek I

Greek II

NT Textual Criticism

Hebrew I

Hebrew II

Biblical Exegesis 



Pastoral Epistles

Genesis 1-11

Concentration in Biblical Counseling:                                                                                 Concentration in Pastoral Theology:

Issues in Counseling I (TH770)                                                                                            Homiletics II

Issues in Counseling II (TH772)                                                                                           Pastoral Duties in Practice 

Issues in Counseling III (TH773)                                                                                          Ecclesiology II

Concentration in Christian Thought:                                                                                  Concentration in Research:

Introduction to Philosophy                                                                                                    Students who choose this concentration 

Christian Thought I                                                                                                                 will produce a graduate thesis of no less 

Christian Thought II                                                                                                                than 60 pages.