Master of Arts - Research/Master of Theology

The MAR/ThM is a graduate-level program that consists of 36 credit hours of study. There are four components to this program: Completion of a Preliminary Research Topic Form, Thesis Proposal , construction of the thesis, and thesis review/defense. 

Available Concentrations

Theological Studies (Systematics or Biblical Theology)

Biblical Studies (NT or OT)

Apologetics (Polemics or Christian Philosophy)

Historical Studies (Biblical History or Church History)

Practical Theology (Homiletics or Biblical Counseling)

Classical Studies

MAR/ThM Prerequisites

Applicants to the Master of Arts-Research must possess an undergraduate degree of at least 120 credit hours in biblical or theological studies, ministry, biblical counseling, or a related discipline. Applicants to the Master of Theology program should possess a Master of Divinity (MDiv) or its equivalent (e.g., a graduate degree of 60credit hours in a related discipline).

I. Preliminary Research Topic Form

Applicants to the MAR/ThM program should first complete and submit a Preliminary Research Topic Form. While not a research proposal, this form will provide the broad strokes of your dissertation giving your supervisor a means to evaluate your writing abilities, familiarity with the desired topic, and your grasp of relevant skills.


Download the form here: Preliminary Research Topic Form

II. Thesis Proposal

A thesis proposal is the articulation of your research plan and a description of your objectives, methodology, and sources. Carefully complete the proposal template. 

Download the template here: Research Proposal Template for Theses and Dissertations

III. Construct and Submit a Thesis

The construction of a thesis affords you the opportunity to conduct scholarly research into the area of your choice, albeit limited to relevant discipline. Your thesis must be no less than 100 pages (double-spaced) and be in accordance with Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, esp. 371-408. A thesis must interact significantly with primary sources, resulting in credible and helpful research, critique, and evaluation. Your supervisor will offer constructive critique of your work throughout the program, helping to prepare your work for committee review. Upon completion and approval from your supervisor, submit your thesis in either .doc or .docx format.

IV. Thesis Review/Defense

The Thesis Review Committee will thoroughly review your dissertation. The committee will either issue a submission approval and accept your thesis as fulfillment of the requirements of the degree program, or the thesis will be returned for further clarification or correction. An oral or written defense of certain aspects of your thesis may be required. Once approved, FTS will issue your degree and make your thesis available in our open source format.