Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is a 54 credit hour degree program. This program is not designed to train students to become either a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or a Licensed Professional Counselor. Rather, this program is designed to afford students a rich understanding of theology and biblical counseling and to situate students to obtain certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). While Forge Theological Seminary is not affiliated with ACBC, we recognize that ACBC possesses the most effective and reputable biblical counseling certification process. Students who have completed coursework will have surpassed ACBC's Phase 1 reading requirements and completed both the counseling and theology exams. Students will complete 42 credit hours of coursework. Additionally, students will complete the requirements for ACBC certification. FTS will recognize the completion of ACBC's requirements as the equivalent of 12 credit hours of study. Upon certification, FTS will award the degree.


I already possess ACBC certification, may I still complete the MABC program?

  • Yes. Students who already possess certification may complete the MABC coursework for degree completion. 

What if I don't desire to pursue certification?

  • Students who do not wish to pursue certification with ACBC may complete the coursework for a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Counseling. 

I don't have a bachelor's ​degree. May I still apply for the MABC program? 

  • Students who do not possess an undergraduate degree but have completed some college may qualify to complete the MABC coursework as an undergraduate degree completion program (i.e., Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Counseling/Associate of Theology in Biblical Counseling). 

What is involved with certification?

  • ACBC certification involves three phases. Phase one entails a fundamentals training course which is comprised of thirty hours of lectures, one thousand pages of reading, and ten hours of observation. Phase two involves the completion of a theology and counseling exam and application. Phase three is comprised of fifty sessions of supervised counseling. Students should consult the ACBC website for more information. 

How long will certification take once I've completed the coursework?​

  • Students who have completed the MABC coursework will have already met the reading requirement of phase one. Additionally, students will have already completed their exams and have them ready to submit once they enter phase two. How long the certification process takes depends upon a number of factors (e.g., availability of fundamentals training,  frequency of supervised counseling sessions). 

Why not just complete certification?

  • The MABC program is designed to prepare students for the certification process as well as broaden and deepen their grasp of biblical studies, theology, and counseling. In short, MABC students will be better prepared to face the challenges of ministry.



Course Syllabi

Old Testament Introduction (BIB600)

New Testament Introduction (BIB601)

Biblical Theology (TH605)

Systematic Theology (TH660)

Apologetics for Biblical Counselors (TH708)

Introduction to Biblical Counseling (TH636)

Theology of Biblical Counseling (TH637)

Introduction to Psychology (PSY700)

Issues in Counseling I (TH770)

Issues in Counseling II (TH772)

Issues in Counseling III (TH773)