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Doctor of Theology (th.D.)

Program overview

The Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) program is a 48-credit-hour research-only program. Students will conduct substantial research in one of the following areas:

  • New Testament

  • Old Testament

  • Theology

  • Biblical Counseling

  • Homiletics

  • Christian Apologetics

  • Christian Studies (Prior Publications; A compilation of academic publications)

Working directly with a doctoral supervisor, Doctor of Theology students will produce an original dissertation of no fewer than 200 pages of primary research. View our Doctor of Theology Handbook

Doctor of Theology Prerequisites:

  • An undergraduate degree consisting of four years of full-time study (or equivalent)

  • A graduate degree in Biblical or theological studies or a closely related field (e.g., religion, counseling, ministry)

  • Demonstration of proficiency in Biblical Greek (for New Testament concentration only)

  • Demonstration of proficiency in Biblical Hebrew (for Old Testament concentration only)

  • Membership in a local church

  • General agreement with FTS' doctrinal stance

Program Costs:

$100 monthly tuition subscription

$65 graduation fee


The Doctor of Theology program is comprised of four phases:

Phase 1 | Preliminary Research Proposal and Admissions Documentation

Phase 2 | Formal Research Proposal

Phase 3 | Construction of Research Dissertation

Phase 4 | Submission and Research Defense

To Apply:

Download and complete the Preliminary Research Proposal Template.

Submit your completed proposal with your unofficial educational transcripts with your application via our Admissions page. 

For Prior Publications Applicants:

Download the Doctor of Theology by Prior Publications Handbook and the Prior Publications Applicant Summary Template. Include the completed template with your transcripts via the application. 

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