Ecclesia Militans: Manuscript Submissions Guidelines

Whether you are seeking to submit an article or book review, your manuscript will not be considered for publication until it meets the guidelines below. 

Anyone who affirms the ecumenical creeds, the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, and the five solas of the Protestant Reformation may submit an article or book review to Ecclesia Militans. Although, only manuscripts of substantial quality will be considered.

Topics Suitable for Article Submission:

  • Biblical Studies

  • Theological Studies

  • Practical Theology 

  • Christian Philosophy

  • Book Reviews

  • Disputations Including Two Parties

Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscripts must be original work.

  • Only one article/book review may be submitted at a time. 

  • Utilize Turabian/Chicago style. 

  • Refer the the SBL Handbook of Style for the citation of ancient texts, abbreviations, etc.

  • Avoid footnotes that occupy more than half of a 6 x 9 page. 

  • Single space (1.15), twelve point bold font for headings; 11 point font for the body; 10 point font for footnotes.

  • After the title, provide a 100-175 word abstract that summarizes the purpose, contents, and conclusion of your article. 

  • Utilize Roman numerals for initial headings and Arabic numerals thereafter.

  • Either utilize italicized transliterated Greek or Hebrew terms or provide original language citations including breathing/accent marks and vowel points.

  • Quotations of five lines or more must be block-quoted. 

  • Submissions beyond 10,000 words are generally not accepted. 

  • Images must be original or open source. 

  • Book reviews should be headed in the following manner:

Title: Subtitle. By Author, City, State, Year. 

  • Book reviews should close in the following manner:

Book Review Author's Name

City, State, Institution (if any)

  • In submitting an article or book review, the author transfers copyright for the work to Ecclesia Militans.

  • Submit manuscripts in Word format (.doc; .docx) without your name in the text. Include an additional document headed "Personal Information" with your name, profession, academic background, and local church. 

  • Email submissions to Michael@Forge.Education with the heading "Ecclesia Militans Submission." 

Articles that pass a preliminary review by the editor are peer-reviewed (double-blind). This process can take several months.